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 (PVTEX) One of the most important working in Dinh Vu polyster Manufacturing plant is that improve products quality


Quality is defined “satisfaction for customer’s demand“ by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). From construction days till date, PVTEX care specialy to improve products quality. However, polyster stable fiber (PSF) & draw texturing yarn (DTY) quality depend on much interior and exterior factors,detail:


-          Personel: knowdelge, degree, skill… of management staff, technicians, operators…

-          Equipment  quality: Equipments are imported nearly 100%. However, equipment working quality almost depend on installation quality, operation and maintenance by PVTEX  personnel.


-          Input material quality: MEG, PTA, TiO2, Sb2O3, HTM ( import), packing (domestic), accessories (import or domestic).

-          Service quality: electricity and stable electricity, LPG, water, other services such as transport, maintenance…

We see that there are much factors affect product quality. If we improve any factors quality , product quality will elevate. And if any factors quality are reduced, they affect product quality.

The main interior factor affect quality are personel which PVTEX can control such as knowdelge, skill… PVTEX always must train personel to improve quality. For control polyester quality, we need to join Total Quality Manegement process. It means that Customer care staff  have to search  PVTEX’s partner, customer of PVTEX’s partner about their satisfaction.


To improve products quality, all exterior product & service quality which provide for company,  maintained stablely and develop day by day.They are a long process lasted 5 years, 10 years even hundred years. These process are improved consecutively and replaced by others which are better, more advanced. They are indispensable way to lead success for any business

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